Experience in leading through complexity

Martin Brooker

Martin Brooker

Sense-Making Coach

A veteran of 37 years service as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy Martin’s extensive career included command at sea, and operational service in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Pacific.


Martin has always been passionate about the development of people and leadership capability. When he wasn’t in Command of a Ship, Martin was leading teams implementing cultural change programs and the developing Navy’s senior leaders. He says his biggest lesson as a leader was learning that people are not homogenous and that everyone is unique with his or her own stories and circumstances. 

Pamela Kinnear

Dr Pamela Kinnear

Complexity Facilitator

Pamela is an experienced policy professional, skilled facilitator and strategic thinker. Her consultancy work is grounded in a successful 20+ year career at senior executive levels across government, non-government sectors, as well as research institutes where she engaged in high-profile research and public policy commentary.


This diverse background means that Pamela can understand issues from a variety of perspectives, fully aware of the tensions and challenges involved in policy - especially in time-pressured, high-profile, or complex work. She is a skilled facilitator – committed to creative approaches to support sense-making and genuine engagement for clients working with complex issues in challenging environments. 

Stephen Mugford

Dr Stephen Mugford

Challenger of Status Quo

Stephen has over 40 years’ experience as an educator, researcher, facilitator and change management consultant. His unique blend of academic training, practical experience and a lively interest in innovation create a unique and exciting approach to coaching, workshops and team building.


His recent work covers areas such as leadership, emotional intelligence, communications skills, people management, and organisational performance. He has also conducted workshops to develop listening, assertion and conflict resolution skills in work contexts as well as programs for managing under-performance. This work blends contemporary psychology (cognitive behavioural change, emotional intelligence building, etc) with sociological work in organisational/cultural change.


Steve Rohan-Jones

Order to Chaos Provacauter

Steve is widely regarded for his innovative, unique and creative approach to the development and delivery of organisational level solutions. Key elements of this approach include the use of applied emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership development capacity to support organisational transformation. 


A provocateur of order to chaos, Steve is an expert facilitator and accomplished presenter who challenges assumptions and the order of things to encourage a more positive frame of wanting to improve, deliver something new and innovative. An experienced creator, people and organisations value his ability to deliver innovative solutions, challenge orthodoxy and help them realise their potential.